A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

JumpGun! Trial version 2018/12/02

    You can't jump in this Puzzle-Platformer. Go to the door to start.

    You can play with both hands or one hand.
    You can configure it at MENU>CONFIG.
        Shot(Submit) : Space key, Right-Ctrl key, 0 of ten key.
        Menu(Cancel) : Esc key
        Right : Right arrow key, D key, 6 of ten key.
        Left : Left arrow key, A key, 4 of ten key.
        Up : Up arrow key, W key, 8 of ten key.
        Down : Down arrow key, S key, 2 of ten key.
        You can choose 3 presets.
            Generic Joystick
            XBOX ONE / 360 Controller
            DualShock 4

    The key at 3rd and 6th stage opens the door to another stages.
    This trial version is available level 1,2 and 3.(7th to 9th stages of level 2 & 3 are under construction)
    33 stages all.

If the game is too slow...
    Set sceen resolution smaller at the dialog.
    Set quality "Fastest".

    This game will be released in 2019(PC, Switch, XBOX ONE). It has 1 to 6 & extra level. 123 stages all.

    2018/12/01 : Add menu, out of ammo animation, FPS indicator. Fixed some stages.
    2018/10/07 : Add bullet disappear effect.
    2018/10/01 : Add the opening of level 2 & 3. Flip some stages of level 2 & 3 horizontal.
    2018/09/22 : 33 stages available.

JumpGun! Project
Website : https://jumpgun.itch.io/
Twitter : @JumpGun_JP

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)


20181202_JumpGun_Win.zip 33 MB
20181007_JumpGun_Mac.app.zip 35 MB